Materials Needed

  • Double Sided Tape
  • Odorless Mineral Spirits
  • Vice
  • Reamer (if needed)
  • Super Glue or Epoxy
  1. 1.jpg
    1 Secure rod into vice using a rubber clamp.
  2. 2.jpg
    2 Measure and cut double sided tape to desired length. Tape should be 1/4” pass the butt end. Apply to rod blank. Twist and tuck excess tape.
  3. 3.jpg
    3 If needed, ream inside diameter of grip to fit snug to rod blank.
  4. 4.jpg
    4 Lubricate tape and inside of grip with mineral spirits.
  5. 5.jpg
    5 To install, start on slight angle below the rod and push on to rod blank.
  6. 6.jpg
    6 Continue to push grip onto blank to meet reel seat. Align grip to reel seat.
  7. 7.jpg
    7 If using end cap, complete installation by mating end cap to grip with the use of super glue.
  8. 8.jpg
    8 Installation process is complete. Wait 30 minutes before use of rod.